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H-1B Package/Courier Tracking Problems

Apr 4, 2008

AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08040333 (posted Apr. 4, 2008) In response to reports from AILA that Federal Express forwarded a number of H-1B packages to the service centers without entering the individual package into the tracking system, USCIS has been exploring with Federal Express the questions of what happened and whether the packages were actually delivered. The local FedEx manager was able to track down each package on the initial list of tracking numbers supplied by AILA, and stated that one of their scanners in Burlington, VT failed on the morning of 4/1 and approximately 1200 pieces of mail were not scanned. Although these pieces were not scanned individually, they were included in consolidated bags, so FedEx was able to verify that these were delivered to VSC. However, given the number of packages involved, USCIS is not going to be able to confirm delivery of each package (or of the tracking numbers on the later lists that AILA supplied). While the FedEx manager was very confident that all packages were delivered, unfortunately the individual packages were not scanned. Apparently FedEx is getting inundated with calls. They are advising customers to file a shipping refund request because that is the extent of their liability. If you want individual confirmation of delivery, it may not be possible, but some members are reporting that their FedEx representatives have been able to provide a form of confirmation. USCIS urges that you work with your FedEx representative to ascertain the status of your case, citing the above explanation of what happened in Burlington. The important point reiterated by USCIS is DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATES OF PACKAGES THAT ARE MISSING TRACKING NUMBERS, as that could result in both applications being denied as multiple filings under the new rules. The American Immigration Lawyers Association is still in communication with USCIS over the handful of packages sent to the California Service Center that cannot be tracked. However, it does not appear that these arose from a systemic issue like the one in Burlington, and so may be single situations that will need to be worked out directly with the courier service. Thus, you are urged to work through these cases with your courier representative as well. And, again, filing a duplicate puts your case at considerable risk of being treated as a multiple filing and thus all filings denied.

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