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New Jersey Gov. Christie Signs Version of Dream Act Into Law

Dec 27, 2013

"Last year, Giancarlo Tello had to drop out of Rutgers University in Newark because he couldn’t afford the out-of-state tuition. This happened even though he lived in New Jersey. The problem was that Tello, 23, is from Peru and was undocumented when he came to this country at age 6. In New Jersey, children of undocumented immigrants were not eligible for the lower tuition rates available to students who are citizens. Tello, who identifies himself as an “undocumented Dreamer,” referring to the Dream Act, saw the tuition rules as discriminatory and began to work to change them. On Friday, Tello and countless other so-called Dreamers in New Jersey had cause for celebration. Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill that allows undocumented student immigrants who have attended at least three years of high school in the state to qualify for the lower fees. Key to Christie's decision was a state Senate compromise that dropped a provision allowing undocumented students to also be eligible for state financial aid if they qualified under income guidelines, according to the Associated Press." - To read more, click here for L.A. Times article

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