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"I first contacted Eve in the summer of 2001 for my green card application. She was specifically recommended to me by a colleague of mine who had been represented successfully by Eve. Given this and other positive references, and given the sorrowful experiences of other colleagues with their lawyers, I knew that I wanted Eve to represent me. However, at the time I was a post-doc in New York City and my budget was very tight. I explained this to her, and she was gracious enough to allow me to arrange a convenient payment schedule and apply for the card through her. I was utterly pleased with her professionalism and care for my case. At the time there was a backlog at the USCIS due to the 9/11 events that happened around the time I applied. I was afraid that all my paperwork would be lost in the turmoil and immigration bureaucracy. Eve kept me informed periodically of all relevant matters related to my case and made me feel at ease all the way. I think she went extra miles to ensure things were done properly, so I did obtain my green card promptly and hassle-free. Several years later I already had a stable job in Washington DC, and my salary was no longer a problem. I wanted to apply for my U.S. citizenship. Despite being surrounded by immigration lawyers in DC, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted Eve's firm in NYC to represent me in this case too. So I contacted her, and the process went as straightforward as possible: I applied on late September 2009, and had my naturalization certificate in my hand on early January 2010. Her firm has now a web site that allows upload/download of application forms and other relevant information, including status check out, which makes geographical location unimportant."

"I have recommended Eve's firm frequently to my colleagues after my experience with the green card. However, I thought I had to write this letter and make it publicly available as a service to people who are at lost about immigration-related issues. Eve's knowledge on all immigration matters and her prompt, courteous, personalized, and accurate responses to my frequent inquiries added to my motivation to write this statement. Hopefully, it will be of help to many."

- Sergio (Argentina)

"My husband and I were trying to keep on top of all the paper work required for obtaining a visa and green card, but it got to the point where we just could not handle the frustration of dealing with the opaque immigration bureaucracy. We realized that even if you do a thorough job filing out all the requisite paperwork, immigration authorities themselves can make clerical mistakes with all too serious consequences. Without professional assistance, it is almost impossible to correct these errors--until it's too late. We were so frustrated! Consulting with Eve not only saved time but also gave us peace of mind."

"She knows the system inside out and made the whole ordeal much less stressful for us."

- Miyuki (Japan)

"We came to Eve to apply for green cards from H1B. My company's lawyers have been very slow and kept making mistakes in applications so we have decided to hire an attorney who works for us. Eve explained to us that we have a usual H1B case, simple and straightforward and there should be no problem. She carefully checked everything and corrected the mistakes. She did everything quickly, kept us informed all the way and took the stress out of the process. We have received our green cards in less than a year."

- V. and Y. (Russia)

"Ms. Eve C. Guillergan has been my attorney for all my immigration needs throughout my stay in the USA. Throughout the last decade, right from the time I needed to convert my OPT to a H1 visa till I became a permanent resident Eve has been representing me to the INS and the USCIS. Eve was recommended to me by a co-worker and I am fortunate that I made the decision to have her represent me as well. I have depended on Eve to not only explain the legal and immigration processes to me but also work efficiently with the HR department of my employers to ensure that both my employers and I were maintaining a legal status at all times. Prior to every stage of a process Eve would notify me of the documents I would need for that step so we could start preparing for them in advance. This ensured that there was no delay in filing the appropriate application forms with a complete package of all required documentation. Even though Eve, my HR department and I are located in 3 different states I never felt that it was a major disadvantage or lost time due to distance. Eve's innovative use of internet and technology ensured that distance and time-zones were not a hinderance - she has long used the web to enable me to securely review, edit, save, comment on and approve application forms electronically as they were completed. This saved us a lot of time and money. The final documents were then mailed to me or HR for original signatures. Eve's legal fees have also been more than reasonable and she allowed me to make payments using installments which was especially helpful when I was young graduate at my first job. If and when I decide to become a citizen of the USA I know that I will just have to call Eve and she will take care of the rest. I would gladly recommend Eve to anyone. I wish Eve and her practice continued success in the future."

- Jagan (India)

"Ms. Guillergan handled my Green Card application last year (very successfully, may I say). From the beginning to the end she and her staff kept me informed on what I should do and what the timelines were. I liked her no-nonsense advise and very practical guidance regarding the documents I had to prepare. I also appreciate the fact the most of the grueling paperwork was done by her office. She was knowledgeable about her work, which I value the most. She and her staff were friendly and very personable. I strongly recommend her."

- Lidia (Poland)

"I had gone to Eve's office after having two bad experience with immigration lawyers in october of 2009. She is definitely worth your money and you will always know what you are paying for!! She works fast, cares much and has excellent knowledge. So, don't look any further! She is the ONE!"

- Adrienn (Hungary)

"I was lucky to find Eve. She is an excellent lawyer and a great person. Eve is very thorough and pays close attention to details. She is honest and she will tell you what can and can not be done regarding your personal situation. Before meeting her, I saw a few others lawyers and Eve was the only one I felt I could trust and I knew she was going to work in my case, for real. She is also extremely knowledgeable.

One of the things surprised me most from her was the fact that she was the one who made sure that the papers were filed quickly and on time. Usually, you are the one who has to put pressure on your lawyer to get the work done. With Eve it was the opposite, and for that reason, everything went faster than I thought. Thank you for everything Eve."

- Aldo (Argentina)